Few Extracts from The Chapter – Ashram- Vrindhavan,. Begging for peace and redemption

Few extracts from the Chapter – Ashram – Vrindhavan – Begging for peace and redemption. Hope you all enjoy this.

Extract From Pg 121-

After having the ultimate gluttony of yoghurt served in a clayoven
baked cup, I was amazed, and I was guilty, feeling aphrodisiac in
the land of god. Seriously, I was not kidding, I was helpless for feeling
such guilty pleasures. The smell of the rose-water syrup was invigorating,
it was actually tantalizing to every molecule in my body. I went
for a second helping, and it made me more refreshed each time I took
a sip. I wanted to go for a third helping, but I refrained from doing so
because I thought too much of everything was too little. When want
becomes necessity, it becomes an essential commodity. That was very
plain. Some things are best left as special!

The lanes of Bake Bihari were as narrow as the other lanes of
Vrindhavan, but these lanes were special. When you entered the lane,
on the left there were little shops selling flowers and sweets. On the
right, there were shops selling deity frocks and shops for paintings
and souvenirs. A few shops later on the left, there stood the ultimate
medieval temple of Bake Bihari.


Extract From Pg 123-

I felt terrible, and I tried to scold myself. I tried hard to pull
myself out of such negativity again. This time, I concentrated on giving
alms to the needy, who were sitting outside the temple. Such was
the poverty in the land of Lord Krishna that he wears diamonds in his
eyes and the old have to beg for two rupees. I was perturbed. I felt like
giving everything, and I had nothing. All I had was me and a bruised
soul, but if someone had asked for it that day, I would have given it.
If someone could be made happy with my bruised soul, then why not
have them take it? Take it all.
I felt that I was also a beggar. I came this far begging for redemption
and forgiveness, but no one was offering that to me. Everyone
was giving food and money. Could someone give this poor soul a
drop of forgiveness? I would bathe in it for years to come.
I’d felt nothing at Bihari jee, and the gates of heaven were slowly
closing on me. I felt conceited and ashamed.
I could not explain this to Maa, who was so happy for her spiritual
enlightenment every day.

Last day of 2013 – Wishing you a Happy New Year – A message of Love, Life & Peace for you

Oh! wow!! what a year it has been…New beginnings formed under the shadow of some endings.
The never ending process of ife teaching us the essence of wisdom, which is always paramount.
I take this opportunity today, the last day of the 2013 not only to wish you a Happy New year but also spread the message of love, life & peace. Take a moment to think.
Where ever you are , who ever you are , what ever you are doing, Just believe in yourself, in hope, in love & above all in peace.
The color of our eyes may be different but the color of our blood is same, ‘Red’, we may not believe in the same religion or may not believe in it at all, we may have different opinions but if we stand under one roof we all will be called ” The Human Race.”

May Peace, Love , Life be with YOU always.

Have a fantastic New Year

God Bless


Quote from my book – Chapter -Brisbane – January 2011 – Page -61

I am inspired to share this piece from the chapter Brisbane January 2011 page 61. I was near the water yesterday & somehow I remembered the time in Brisbane with my girl friends.The sensation of the water so deep that I so wanted to share the beauty, the love of the ocean & the shore. Hope you all like it.

The day on the beach with the girls, I felt another kind of sensation.
Each wave and sound was the same, yet so different today. They
were rambling with the same notorious sound, as gregarious as the
sea could be. What I forgot to see was the softness of the water when
it approached the shore.
The ocean was inviting me, as if it had a story to tell—a story of
passion so deep. I saw the waves slowly, one by one, reaching the
shore and pulling back, trying to reach the sand and engulf it in its
fury, but somehow it withdrew. I realized that I was standing between
two lovers and secretly watching their lovemaking.
Every time the water touched my bare feet, it invited me to
embrace its wild tempestuousness. Every moment of this lovemaking
brought me to life; the tingling sensation of this surreal love reached
every part of my body and left me gasping for more.
I took a closer look and closed my eyes to listen to the two lovers,
trying to listen carefully to what they were saying to each other. Each
time the waves hit the shore, the shore acted shy and scared of the
wave’s abundance love, trying to let go as if it could not respond to the
affection of the waves.
The waves slowly realized this, and they scorned the rejection,
not trying to penetrate deep inside; in fact, they moaned out of rejection
and went back to the sea before trying to return again to persuade
their lost love. If left behind the sunken sand, which left an impression
of every love bite that the wave had to offer, reminding the shore

that it would be back again to engulf it, to torment it, and to taunt it
This sand is a warning that sooner or later, if it fails to obey, to
surrender, to this adoration, it will come back with force. Love cannot
be forced, but then so deep is the wave’s love for the shore, and viceversa,
that one day, the wave will return with the ocean. It will return
with an apocalypse so catastrophic that no one will be able to stop
them. The shore will not care anymore. It will honor the ocean’s fury
and will allow it to take everything that comes between the two.
The forbidden lust will then be the forever love. It will be forever
found, and no one will dare to disturb this union. I stood and witnessed
nature’s spectacular love scene, the invisible threat, leaving my
own footprints on the sand. I embraced the kisses of the waves as they
silently kissed my feet, inviting me to feel the vibration of this erotic
tale. I tried not to disturb this, but how could I not?
That day on the beach, I understood what I had failed to understand
in Melbourne; I was trying to serenade my own name upon this
love, and who would accept such irrational behavior without first
understanding such a deep, meaningful passion? I was now able to
speak to the waves and the sand and to understand their love story
because my heart was open and my mind was clear. Henceforth, I
could embrace their erotic invitation, which has been going on since
evolution began.
It was telling me again and again to be a part of this romance, to
feel each and every embrace, every love bite that the wave offered the
shore. The deeper the wave sunk into the shore, the deeper my feet
sunk into the sand, kissing me and taunting me, reminding me that
love shall return. It does not end; it is just the beginning.
On our way to the airport, the mood was somber. The girls were
quiet. Brisbane was waking up to a rainy morning. From the window
of Angie’s car, I could see that dawn would be upon us soon. Far
across the horizon, the sun was slowly breaking and giving light to
darkness. Not a word was spoken in the car, as we realized that we
were somewhat sad. I was sad to be leaving behind Angie; Brisbane;
our scandalous loitering across the clubs of Brisbane; the party;
Angie’s apartment, which thrived with our every move; and the love
story between the wave and the shore. With all of that, I was also leaving
behind a part of myself. I will come back one day to reclaim it, I
thought. Could I come back to claim that which I was leaving behind
knowingly, though? I could only come back to relive it, to relinquish
it, and perhaps to tell my own story to the ocean and the shore. Perhaps
I understood the empathy that ran so deeply between the two. I

knew that if I came back to tell my tales, they would be patient and
hear me because what they had shared with me was their little secret.
There was no end to it; it was only the start of an infinite truth that I
was grateful to witness through my blessed eyes. Beneath the ocean
are buried many ships, many towns, and many civilizations of the
human race. As each gets buried, new ones unfold and give birth to
something new and unique. My journey ahead is somewhat like that;
it is not one of retribution, penitence, or repentance, but one of reincarnation
with the same soul and the same body.
I was not scared anymore, as I had nothing to lose. What I had
lost was important, but to be uncertain of the future and what more
could be gained is priceless.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all my fans & Readers.

Hi Everyone

Christmas is a time for being with family and enjoyng the bond of togetherness. Everyone is not so fortunate to have a christmas pudding and share the gift of giving.

A couple of days ago I went to do volunteering at the Smith Family,to sort toys. The preamble to the briefing was touching, people showing act of kindness. It gave me peace to be a part of it. People donating thousands of toys. The act of love is not only to love and be kind but also believing in oneself, to share the power of giving.

This Christmas I wish everyone to be full of love and peace. Share this beautiful getsure, as this gift is not only a quality we all have in us but its free & priceless.

Have a Merry Christmas & a safe New Year.

What makes us happy

Hi Everyone

Recently, it was the festival of Diwali. In India & here in Melbourne, all my fellow Indians dressed up, smiling wishing strangers Happy Diwali.

“The Festival Of Lights ”

Not long ago, I did the tea light ceremony at my launch. I was wondering if smiles & a little bit of tea light ceremony can bring joy to everyone’s life , then why not we celebrate Diwali everyday.