Last day of 2013 – Wishing you a Happy New Year – A message of Love, Life & Peace for you

Oh! wow!! what a year it has been…New beginnings formed under the shadow of some endings.
The never ending process of ife teaching us the essence of wisdom, which is always paramount.
I take this opportunity today, the last day of the 2013 not only to wish you a Happy New year but also spread the message of love, life & peace. Take a moment to think.
Where ever you are , who ever you are , what ever you are doing, Just believe in yourself, in hope, in love & above all in peace.
The color of our eyes may be different but the color of our blood is same, ‘Red’, we may not believe in the same religion or may not believe in it at all, we may have different opinions but if we stand under one roof we all will be called ” The Human Race.”

May Peace, Love , Life be with YOU always.

Have a fantastic New Year

God Bless